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We have lunch every Sunday after service!

Wednesday Bible Study 7:30 pm

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What We Believe

People are often surprised to learn that a church named "Primitive Baptist" is not backward, archaic, and generally out-of-date. Why, seeing that we enjoy the comforts of modern living, do we identify ourselves as "primitive"?  As a church, we make a sincere effort to maintain the practice and doctrine exhibited in the New Testament, despite changing values and customs around us. Therefore, we are "primitive", meaning first or original.  But our message? The message from the Primitive Baptist pulpits all over America is as up-to-date as the morning newspaper. What could be more current than to hear of a sovereign God who is infinitely concerned for the welfare of his people? His interest is so great that He gave Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son, as the sin bearer that all His family might safely live with God after life on earth has ended.  But that's not the end of the message.  Not only did God make arrangements for His family to live in Heaven, God provides daily guidance for His servants as they face the choices, decisions, trials, and conflicts of life.  Learning how to make the right choices - the ones that will honor God - is a principle part of Christian activity. Therefore much is heard from our ministers about godly daily living.  We feel that you might find a Bible-based worship service among the Primitive Baptists refreshing. Sometimes the hectic machinery of modern religion detracts from the simple, but central message of "Jesus Christ and Him crucified."  Therefore, we invite you to experience the thrill of stepping into a time tunnel, walking in "the old paths", and worshipping in a manner that is 2000 years old.