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Sunday 10:30 am

We have lunch every Sunday after service!

Wednesday Bible Study 7:30 pm

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Live sermons

We are now broadcasting live on our FaceBook page every Sunday starting at 11am.

Click here to watch live or older sermons.

Sermons will still be posted here on our website.


2019 Camp Creek Annual Meeting

Below is a link to the information for Camp Creek PBC 2019 annual meeting.

Camp Creek Fabebook page


2019 Florida Fellowship Messages

This years Florida Fellowship messages are on our Facebook page.

They will be posted on our website at a later date.

There were some audio issues and we are working on getting it fixed.

Winter Garden Facebook page


2019 Florida Fellowship Meeting

The 2019 Florida Fellowship meeting will be held at Winter Garden PBC.  We invite you all to come and enjoy a weekend of preaching and fellowship with PBC members from all over the country.

The schedule is as follows: 

Friday, February 22 2019
10 AM - Service
1: 30PM - Service
6:30 - Dinner
7:30 - Service

Saturday, February 23 2019
10 AM - Service
1: 30PM - Service
6:30 - Dinner
7:30 - Service

Sunday, February 24 2019
10:30AM - Service
12PM - Lunch

Please let us know if you have ANY questions or concerns. Do not hesitate to ask us if you require any accommodations concerning this meeting. We look forward to another BLESSED meeting!


WGPBC prays for everyone to have a fun and safe Thanksgiving


Audio Sound Quality issue....

We have had some sound quality issues over the past few months. We are trying to find the problem and adjust the system so that this doesn't continue to happen. We are sorry for the inconvenience and the bad audio in the recently posted sermons. 


Sermon Updates

We have made some improvements over how sermon video and audio is done so regular updates should start taking place.

We built a desk space and added a computer at church to help things move faster but we are still growing. We will be going live on Facebook soon and training others to run the system. Hopefully we will be upgrading our video camera soon as well.

There have been many sermons posted to the Sunday Sermons.

Thank you all for staying faithful to WGPBC website. 


Winter Garden PBC Annual Meeting 2018

All the sermons from our 2018 Annual Meeting are online under the 'Church Meetings' tab located in the menu bar. 

WGBPC would like to thank Elder Michael Gowens and his family for being a part of this meeting and bringing us a message from God's word.