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We have lunch every Sunday after service!

Wednesday Bible Study 7:30 pm

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Another Fall meeting has come to an end

This years meeting was amazing! If you missed it no worries, the sermons are going to be online very soon. Elder Tim McCool preached a series on husbands, wives and God. God's word teaches how the order of things should be and the importance of each in the relationship. Elder McCool's messages brings thought provoking ideas to how wonderful a relationship between a marriage and God can be. How a husband is to care for his wife and how a wife is to care for her husband. Elder McCool also discusses how the relationship between and husband, wife and God can make for a very Godly and blessed marriage no matter the situation. We at WGPBC pray that God will continue to bless the McCool family. At the end of the last message Sunday afternoon a new member was added to the church. Bro. Frank joined and will be baptised next Sunday so come and join us in this joyous occasion.  


Fall Meeting 2011

Join us for our Fall Meeting starting 7:30pm friday Nov 18th thru Sun Nov 20th

Elder Tim McCool will be bringing God's word all. Please come and visit with us.


Friday 18th- 7:30 pm worship service

Saturday 19th- 10:30am worship service

12:00pm Lunch

1:30pm worship service

4:00pm Communion

Sunday 20th: 10:30am- worship service

This is going to be an awesome time for God's children to get together and hear His word and make new friends.



We now have Video

Hello everyone,

Just want to let you all know that we are now going to be posting Bro. Glenn's videos one the sermon page, link above. We hope this new feature will help those who can't make it to church do to health or other reasons. If you have any problems please click the webmaster link to the left and we will get right back to you asap. Thanks and hope you enjoy this new feature at Winter Garden PBC website.


New member

Sister Jamie joined Winter Garden PBC this morning. We are so blessed to have her as a new member and joining her older brothers Jay, Ray and Bob who are already members. Thank God for the manny blessings at Winter Garden PBC.



Fresh Sermons now online

Sorry some of these are taking awhile to upload. If you take notice there is a new link on the left for sermons by visiting Elders. Please take a listen to Elder Abernathy's sermon from his last visit.


Sermons now online

Welcome and hello,

Our sunday sermons are now being posted on our sermon pages listed under RESOURCES links to the left. Elder Blanchard's messages will now be posted every sunday evening for you to listen online or you can right click and save to listen later. If you download the file you can also play it on your portable device such as phone or ipod. Also if you chose you can burn an audio cd using software on your computer. We pray you enjoy listening to Elder Blanchard's messages. We hope to have these tagged for iTunes soon. We will be working on the older sermons from our old site as time permits.  You can still access the older sermons here.

Thank you for your patience while we continue to bring you the best online experience from Winter Garden Primitave Baptist Church.


Be Ready To Answer by Elder Michael Gowens

Elder Michael Gowens book has been loved by Primitiave Baptists for years. His book Be Ready To Answer has comforted readers with its easy to read style and to the point answers. Elder Gowens brings biblical truths answering questions from complex to simiple. His book answers questions others may ask us or that we may have ourselves. Elder Glenn ordered 40 of these so please contact him to buy your copy of this awesome book now in its second version. Click here to see a brochure about the book.


WGPBC Picnic at the Beach 2011

This years picnic will be held on July 4th between 9am-5pm. Held at Spessard Holland Park South Beach 2545 SR A1A, Melbourne Beach. The map may not be exact location. Please remember not loud music, alcohol and we must clean up our own trash. Bring you favorite snacks, food, beverages. Hope to see you there.

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