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The Word of God

Brother Glenn is back this week and going full force. This week Bro. Glenn brings a message on The Word of God. The truth of it, the history about it, and the practical use in our daliy walk with God. Don't forget to check out the rest of our website.....

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The Word of God


Bro. Glenn preaching in Ga this week

Please go to the Guest Elders page for Brother Abernathy's sermon for this week.


The Red Sea

This week Brother Glenn a message that is short and to the point. This is what could be Bro. Glenns shortest sermon ever. Enjoy.

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The Red Sea


Three Important Hills

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Three Important Hills


The Pearl of Great Price

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The Pearl of Great Price


Its not over till its over.

He arose, Happy Easter everyone. Today is the day our savior came forth from the grave and death and hell were defeated. Brother Glenn brings a message of truth and finality this week. Its not over till Jesus says its over. Our savior came to save and that He did. Brother Glenn using the scripture Matt. 28:1-10 teaches about the resurection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Rolling a stone aside and defeating death and all the things it brings for His Father's children. God's children can live in victory and walk a life that brings glory to the very one who saved them. God's children are the greatest testamoney to the power and forgiving grace of the Father. There are trials in life but knowing that Jesus has conquared the worst of it for us we should walk for His glory. Audio only version below video.


Its not over till its over


How to be a better Christian PT12 "The tongue-wagging at both ends"


How To Be A Better Christian PT11 "On Fire Of Hell"

Brother Glenn continues with his series "How to be a better Christian" with part eleven, James 3:5-6 "On Fire of Hell." Last week Bro. Glenn discussed a personal issue with the tongue last week. This week he brings it to the church as a whole and as the body of Christ. Gossip and lying are just two of the many ways that the witness of Christ can be damaged by what we say. Whether gossip, lying or saying bad things about people its important to remember God knows the truth. If we love the Father then we should behave like it.

Audio only version below video. 

How To Be A Better Christian PT11 "On Fire Of Hell"


How to be a better Christian PT10 The Tongue

Brother Glenn continues with his series on "How to be a better Christian PT10." The topic this time is The Tongue. How can such a simple small thing cause so much trouble or be so glorifying to the Lord. It's all about choice. Beleive it or not, what comes out of our mouth is a choice. Everything we say has power to build up or tare down, bring closer or push away. It has the power to bring glory to God or disgrace our chirstian walk. Brother Glenn takes us through the scripture using James 3:6 as the main verse to see what the Bible has to say about our words.

Audio Only Version Below.


How to be a better Christian PT10 The Tongue


How to be a better Christian PT9 "Repentance pt2"

Repentance NOT do penance. Just ask your self which of the two is more freeing? Is it better to repent and turn from your sin because you love God or is it better to pay your way. Do penance is a practice where one self pays for the sin they committed. Repentance is when one understands that Jesus did the do penance. Christ is perfect in every way and the payment He made is just as perfect. His death on the cross is what makes the difference between repent and do penance. This week Bro. Glenn takes us through the Bible on a path of a repent heart instead of a do penance wallet/purse. Scripture verse Acts 3:19

How to be a better Christian PT9 "Repentance pt2"