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There's a change in the air

Bro. Glenn brings a message of change. Sometimes traditions need to be laid aside and allow change to take place. Change is not always a bad thing and Bro. Glenn discusses how we must change but yet hold true to the doctrine of Christ at the same time. This weeks text is 1 Thessalonians 3:13-18 We hope you enjoy this weeks video and audio of the sermon. The audio only version is a link just beneath the video. 


 Audoi Version Below

There's a change in the air


Self Discipline

This week Brother Glenn brings a message on following the scriptures by self discipline in Fasting.  Bro. Glenn digs into the fact that fasting is a flesh and spiritual act. Denying the flesh so that the spirit may grow. We hope you enjoy this message from Winter Garden PBC and may God continue to bless you all.

 Audio version only below.

Self Discipline



This is our first endevor into video. If you like it please leave a comment or email the webmaster using the link on the right.

Eternal Security from Jerry Winterstein on Vimeo.

Here is the audio version of this sermom.





Irresistible Grace

Elder Glenn discusses Irresistible Grace this week. The text for this week is Romans 11:6 Elder Glenn shares the difference between what's being preached in churches today "resistible grace" vs. what's being preached at PBC's "Irresistible Grace". Grace, getting something you don't deserve. How can grace which is given to not received by be resisted? One can deny some of the benefits of grace but they can not refuse the core of it. By this I mean, say someone commits a sin. That person is forgiven through grace which can set them free mentally and emotionally not just from the consequences like maybe jail. The core forgivness of the grace is not doing jail time but a person can still feel the weight of guilt if they allow it to set in. God's grace through Jesus forgives us of the eternal seperation we would experience with out His grace. We can still live a life in the flesh if we so choose but we miss out on the fullness of the gift if we do. Bro. Glenn explores the difference between one being able to resist the core of God's grace and God's true Grace at its core which is irresistible. We hope you enjoy this weeks sermon.

God Bless 

Irresistible Grace


Limited Atonement

This week Elder Glenn looks deep into the question, Who is the Atonement for?  Who receives its benefits and who doesn't. God's elect are His chosen children but does the atonement also apply to others? Join Elder Glenn on this journey through the scripture to find the truth.

Limited Atonement


The Disease And The Cure


Chosen To Serve


But whom say ye that I am?

This week Elder Glenn reaches into Matt. 16:13-24 and discusses these 3 things. Who Jesus is, What Jesus did, and the response that ought to be forth coming. Jesus ask His disciples who does the world say that I am then ask who do ye say that I am. Once a person is asked the question "Who is Jesus?" there should be a response to their belief.

But whom say ye that I am?


God Bless America

This week Elder Glenn ask the question, Why does America ask God to bless her when she doesn't bless Him back. During a time of need America calls upon God for help and blessings but on any other given day she is kicking God out. God is removed from schools, ten commendments being removed from public buildings and so on. America just continues to remove God from every where as to seperate Him from government but its the influnce of God that designed our very government. One would think that God would have left by now but He is a patient and loving God and we should all be thanking Him for that.

God Bless America


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