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Praise Report! 

John Harvey got a job at Joseph A. Banks and is moving to Winter Garden! 

Brother Frank has graduated college!

The Andersons were in a car accident this week and praise the Lord, nobody was hurt!

Brother John has received a full time job at the fire house, praise God!

Sister Pat is feeling much better, thank God!

Sister Jamie found a job!

Brother Victor received his driving certificate!

Sister Leanna found a new job!

Brother Matthew graduated from college!

Dan Anderson does not have a tumor, thank God!

Sister Zelma has received another great grandchild!

Sister Eddra received a promotion!

Sister Beth Terrell is feeling much better!

Brother John past his test!

Melissa Collier found a job!

Sister Mona's brother is out of the hospital!

Sister Zelma's second eye surgery went well. Keep her in your prayers for a full recovery!

Sister Regina has received another grand baby!

Sister Zelma's first surgery was a successful one, but she still needs our prayers for the next one coming up on Tuesday.

Sister Edna's caregiver's mother is back at home! She still needs our prayers.

Jennifer Morton is now cancer free! Praise the Lord!

Sister Delisa's uncle is now cancer free!

Sister Jamie received her all time best grade in algebra!

Sister Delisa's Uncle's tumor is fading. Thank God!

Sister Jamie passed two certification tests!

Robin's mom had a successful surgery. Thank God.

Micheal Ulmer wanted to thank the Lord for the brethren that helped him move this weekend.

Loreli Lopez is doing much better after her surgery.

Carroll Phillips is feeling better after his surgery but still has an interest in your prayers.

Between the two nursing home services we had a total of 61 people attend. Praise the Lord and thank God for the work that Elder Fuller and brother Miles have done!

Kim arrived safely back home. Thank the Lord for traveling grace.

Steve Sadao is now speaking! The Lord has certainly been helping him to recover but he still needs our prayers.

Brother Jerry is out of the hospital and feeling better. Praise God, we certainly need him.

Sister Pat wanted to praise the Lord for having so many of her family members in the church. Certainly it is easier to strengthen a church if you can get your family to join first!

Fay Newkirk has come through many physical problems as of late. Thank the Lord for it!

Brother Mac's daughter has come through her surgery safely and is doing well!

Brother Clyde Blanchard has also fully recovered from his surgery and is feeling great!

Sister Mona received some timely help with her automobile situation from Sister Regina. Thank God for having people close by that we can call on!


Prayer Requests

Sister Fran

Tom and Beth

Cathy(Luke's co-worker) 

Mark Nunly

Ricky Santo (cancer)

Brother Luke (job)

Keith Watkins (cancer)

Let us not forget the power of prayer. Keep these people on your mind when you talk to the Lord, and let's hope His will is to ease their suffering and guide them throughout their journey!